Poetry and Pleasing Verses and Rhyming Words Inspire and Captivate Everyone, Especially Our Children

*Poetry and pleasing verses and rhyming words inspire, captivate and entertain everyone, especially our children. Children’s stories are always short and sweet and rhyme at the end. If you think about poetry and rhyming that was our first inspiration as children to want to learn more about nature, animals and other peoples from around the world. Acknowledge the power and the beauty that poetry and rhyming words provide to you and me. The power and reach of poetry extends to our posterity, outliving our differences and springing forward our unity. Our unity will be seen long after we are gone, for many generations to come!

* At the onset of poetic inspiration are genuinely happy or joyful memories that inspire feelings of tranquility, relaxation and contentment. Perhaps happiness abounds for you too when remembering wonderful childhood memories! Do you remember your old neighbors, long, lost relatives or some of your favorite religious, cultural or traditional activities that you engaged as a child? Maybe specific cultural, traditional or athletic or original ways of childhood adventure were part of your childhood experience. Do you remember the name(s) of your neighborhood pet(s), or if you had a pet, do you remember its name? I remember most of the names of our childhood pets, though since there are so many kids and there were so many pets, I am sure that I might forget a few names: Windy-the dog, our rabbits were named- Romeo and Juliet, or was that the birds? Honestly, we had so many pets that I have to admit that I may only remember a dozen names, at best.

I remember a lot of the names of the neighborhood kids that played with us when we kids. They can from many different parts of the state, had different religious beliefs, and more often than not, were not even all from Texas. Children are both accepting and eager to embrace cultural knowledge, diversity and inclusion. I remember going to Sam and Tammy’s house and getting to meet their parents and visit their home. They lived in an apartment, as a child, visiting their home was the first exposure that I had to see apartment living. I thought it was fun! I was fascinated by apartment living! No yard to clean, no dog poop to clean, no laundry to hang outside on the clothesline, no weeds to pull, no leaves to rake, what a wonderful life, I thought. They each had their own bedroom.

Then, I got this really neat idea and asked my dad to move us into an apartment and he replied,” Sure, just remember that we will not have any rabbits, swing sets, slides, mini- bikes, large outdoor toys, trampolines, portable swimming pools, backyard soccer field, drive way basketball court, or any outdoor games. As I thought about what dad said, I slowly decided that apartment living was NOT going to be very fun FOR ME,at all. Because I was the youngest, I was not allowed to play outside alone or unsupervised, or able to go outside at all when my sibling’s were at school. As a matter a fact, it was going to be especially awful for, because I wasn’t allowed to play outside anywhere, unless I was in my own yard, so I quickly scratched the idea of apartment living.

*It was a lot of fun living in an environment that had a lot of people around. We always had one another for playtime and to protect one another. Life was always eventful, you were never alone at home, or ever even alone in your yard without the presence of a dog, or any other kind of animal by your side. I had siblings around me at all times, during my youthful, formative years, until they grew up and cultivated lives and children of their own.

* Childhood days of playing and glorious non-existent responsibility, came with trouble-free malaise. The only childhood malaise that came about was always very seasonal. Yep, it’s that time again! As a kid, about the only time to fret was recognizing daylight savings time: an hour less time to sleep, ushering in the spring season of the year. We all reluctantly recognize the changing of the clocks, it is observed at the stroke of 2:00 A.M- at least here on the east coast of the U.S.: Remember, it’s time to Spring forward and lose an hour of sleep! Daylight Saving’s time is here AGAIN, and it always comes a little bit too early for me every year. Time to rise and shine an hour earlier than what was observed just one day before.

In the Fall or Autumn we will be falling back and again, that is another anxious time for children as they get to play outside one hour less than they could, just the day before. The dates and times of the Fall season changes of course, are between Winter and Spring and Autumn and Winter. In the Autumn, oftentimes called Fall, we will be falling back an hour; extending our evening slumber one hour longer than just the one day before.

These are some of the best memories to entertain when remembering the small, simple concerns of our childhood and youth. When I reminisce, about what I miss the most, I remember missing the consistency of the jovial and peaceful living in a family group and setting. I remember a time when five consecutive days were meant to be spent at school, and weekends were spent at grandma’s, church services, and dinning out for Sunday pancakes,lunch soccer games and barbecue’s and Saturday night movies, popcorn and fried chicken or pizza for dinner. Does anybody miss those days as much as I do? The large time clock on the wall in the family living room held so many secrets that it could probably write some very funny or happy poems of its own.

Children enjoy learning and seek inspiration when writing, rhyming or story-telling. Sometimes students may write stories to keep themselves amused, engaged or simply to fend off boredom. The nostalgia when remembering the biggest dilemmas that we experienced as a kids, is simply humbling.

*A feeling of bliss is in the air as warm feelings abound in the tone or mood of the poet or writer. When a poet feels happy, he wants his mood to consume the tone of the room where he is calmly writing. It is usually first demonstrated during childhood, at the very beginning when writing an inspirational verse, rhyme or in the musical composition of lyrics. Or on occasion, writing inspiration is released from childhood memories of happiness and youthful nonchalance attributed to the days of unfettered childhood memories.

As children grow into adults, they inherit all of the responsibilities and problems that adolescence and adulthood most assuredly bring about, like a Florida thunderstorm in July. As adults, writers seek more or different diversions for writing and decompressing. Writers seek introspective and inspiration through experiences engaged or pursued in nature. Engaging the elements is beneficial for attaining the innocence and inspiration required for the cultivation of writing stories, books, rhymes and songs.

*Share or give attention and gain inspiration by listening to the simple, subtle, natural sounds in nature.

You can gain perspective when you engage musical instruments, joyful songs or verses as a starting point when seeking inspirational assistance to facilitate or aid the writing or artistic process.

Life Inspiration is helpful when writing entertaining, amusing or short passages or verses. Write poetry for yourself first;enjoy reading your hard work first,before you decide to share your artistic creativity with others. Poetry and pleasing verses and rhyming words inspire, captivate and entertain everyone, especially our children. Children’s stories are always short and sweet and rhyme at the end.

*I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

With Inflatable Movie Screens You Can Show an Outdoor Movie at School

With the use of a portable movie screen, you can show outdoor movies at your school. There are many reasons for having a movie event on the school grounds. In the fall it is a terrific way to get the students and their families excited about returning back to school. What a way to kick off a new school year.

Outdoor movie events also make great fund raisers throughout the year. Best of all, these movies provide children, parents, and teachers a wonderful way to spend time together getting to know one another.

Where On the School Grounds Can You Show a Movie?

The modern technology behind portable movie screens allows the school’s PTA to host outdoor movie events in a variety of locations found on the school grounds.

• On the Playgrounds
• On the Baseball Fields
• In the Parking Lot

Any place where the large inflatable screen can be set up makes a perfect location for a school movie event. Many times the PTA will add to the fun and excitement by setting up games, concession stands, or food trucks. The ideas are unlimited when it comes to enjoying an outdoor movie.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Movie Rental Company

Not all outdoor movie rental companies are the same. Some will go that extra mile to ensure you, your guests, and everyone involved is happy while others will do the bare minimum. You want a company that becomes invested in your event, not just showing up for set up and removal.

There are a few things to look for when selecting which company to use. Look for one that advertises the brand of screen they use. You will also want to know the screen’s wind rating. The last thing anyone wants is to have a large screen blow over. Keep your movie event memorable for positive reasons.

You more than likely don’t have a power supply in the location you’ve selected such as the ball field. Your outdoor movie rental company should have a generator for these situations. Make sure that their generators run quietly. No one wants to try to hear the movie over the loud drone of a machine.

Timing Is Important

When choosing an outdoor movie rental company understand what time they can start the movie for you. Not all screens are made the same. High end screens allow the rental company to begin at sundown when there is still a soft glow of light. Companies without the better screens, such as DJs, have to wait for complete darkness before starting the movie.

The difference in starting a movie early or late can be anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. This can be huge to families with smaller children who need to get to bed. It also isn’t much fun for the adults to get home late from the school’s movie event and have to try to get up for work the next day.

By knowing what to look for when planning your school’s outdoor movie, you’ll have a successful event that everyone will remember. It will be the perfect kick off to the year, fund raiser, or simply a good reason to gather with friends and family.

Girls Night Out

After the homework is done, dinner’s been served, the house is cleaned and you’ve laid everything out for the next day, you sink exhausted into your chair. You’ve cooked and cleaned, you’ve wiped and washed, you’ve tended and tamed all day long for days on end and you’re tired. You need a night off. It’s time to get a group of friends together and make some plans.

No one wants to host a girl’s night out if the husband or kids will be home, so hosting at home is going to require a co-operative husband or some willing grandparents. Given that fact, a movie night with popcorn, a game night or an evening crafting might be some fun ideas. You’ll have to consider what your friends are into these days.

You might consider hosting one of those candle, makeup, or jewelry parties. Then you and your friends can do a little shopping in the comfort of home. There are even parties for adult toys now. That should be good for some real laughs.

Video games are usually the guy’s domain, but you and the girls might like to take a turn too. Gather around the television set and play the games that the husband and kids never give you a chance to get close to while reveling in the fact that you are not cooking or cleaning right now. Let any and all feelings of guilt melt away and race around the track on that ATV seeing just how many points you can score for jumps and tricks.

If, on the other hand, you and your friends were looking to get out of the house without spending a lot of money you can always go out for a bite to eat. Leave the husband and kids at home with a pizza coupon and instructions to clean up after themselves and get together with your friends at your favorite restaurant. Those Japanese steakhouses that cook the food on the grill in front of you are perfect. Everyone is seated at a big table, so chatting is easy and the chefs put on quite a show. You can also watch the adds for local specials. A thirty-year anniversary at The Cheesecake Factory being celebrated with $1.50 cheesecake slices comes to mind. Yum!

The week after you get together with your friends at The Cheesecake Factory, you might want to pick a more active activity. Meet your friends at the local basketball hoops at a park or rec center for a lively game of basketball. That should help you feel better about last week’s indulgence. If you have a soccer park in the neighborhood, that’s another great choice. While bowling isn’t quite as active, it’s still a fun choice sure to produce a few laughs.

Getting out of the house with the girls doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s guaranteed to help you be a better you when you get back to business. So, let the housework pile up for a night and go have a little fun.

“Oz: The Great and Powerful” Movie Review

From the wonder and awe of “Alice in Wonderland” to 2006’s disastrous “The Pink Panther,” Hollywood is infamous for remaking classics. Audiences are fierce in their love for original films and often have a hard time warming up to a completely redone version. Luckily for Disney, it sidestepped this awful tightrope of doom by making a prequel of “The Wizard of Oz” with “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” Rather than completely redoing one of the most beloved films of all time, Disney made a prequel to the classic, telling the tale of how the great wizard came to be.

James Franco plays Kansan Oscar Diggs, a circus musician struggling with various moral inadequacies. He is swept away so suddenly by the vast and vibrant Oz, a magical land that seems to be filled with unspoken riches. Thinking he’s hit the big time, Oscar set off to be the almighty wizard the inhabitants were expecting, but three witches are not so sure he is all that fantastic. Despite his formerly self-centered ways, Oscar agrees to help the land solve its problems, though he must find the people who have evil lying in their hearts before it’s too late. By utilizing his small-time magical talents, Oscar finds a way to help the land and become the almighty wizard audiences learned to love years ago.

The true magic of “Oz: The Great and Powerful” comes with its stunning imagery and wondrous effects. Every scene is packed to the brim with imagination and wonder, leaving audiences starry eyed. The film features gorgeous sweeping views and stunning shots of the land as Oscar embarks on his journey. This scenery is nearly as marvelous as “The Wizard of Oz” was in its heyday. Today’s technology has truly brought this film to an entirely new level of wonder. Some may find the CGI of today to be too much, but the vast majority agrees it makes the film all the more magical.

Another strength of this film is its cast. Mila Kunis is marvelously wicked as Theodora, enchanting audiences with her beauty before transforming into a malicious green beast with a bite of an apple. Michelle Williams is glorious as Annie and Glinda, charming audiences just as Billie Burke did in the 1939 classic. Rachel Weisz is most surprisingly beautiful as Evanora, the not-so-nice sister who manipulates others’ feelings with her wonderful wickedness. This evil role is a delightful departure for the typically timid actress, gifting audiences with a rare glimpse into her monstrous side. More debated is James Franco, as he’s either praised for his clever portrayal or disliked for being too much like himself in other roles. Despite this minor setback, the cast is undeniably entertaining and talented.

While the cast is lovely, some viewers will sorely miss familiar favorites like the cowardly Lion and free-spirited Scarecrow. These characters became synonymous with the brand. Despite this absence, the film does bring in new characters to love and cherish. In addition to the three beautiful witches, there are the lovable Finley the flying monkey (Zach Braff) and China Girl (Joey King). With so many new exciting characters and storylines, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” has escaped being compared to “The Wizard of Oz” and audiences learn to sit back and enjoy it.

The appeal of this film to all groups is also a major plus for families looking for an agreeable film for a night in the cinema. It offers enough visuals at every twist and turn to keep the little ones from being distracted and contains a storyline complex enough to keep the adults entertained as well. Teenagers will love the familiar cast of today’s top young stars. It’s the perfect choice for a family movie night.

Audiences may miss the music numbers they grew to love with “The Wizard of Oz,” a major part of the film’s charm. There is no magical lullaby like “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from this film, so viewers shouldn’t get their hopes up of leaving humming a tune. The film is much story-based and story-driven, something that may upset a few audience members. This absence of music may be embraced, however, as modern audiences aren’t really as reliant on peppy musical scenes in films.

All in all, ” Oz: the Great and Powerful ” achieves success. It creates a completely new story for audiences to love and introduces new faces to be woven into the intricate history of Oz. The film offers a rich storyline that’s bound to hold viewers’ interest and shows the great and powerful Oz from his roots in Kansas to his rise to power in the magical land of Oz.

Australian Action Movie Gets Good Reviews

A recently released Australian action movie has received good reviews. Tomorrow When The War Began is a young adult movie about a group of teenagers who leave for a camping trip while on school holidays. While they are away they notice a lot of planes flying overhead but aren’t too concerned about it as the annual Commemorative Day festivities are on back home so think the planes have something to do with that.

When they arrive back home from their trip they are in for a shock. Their homes are deserted, their families nowhere to be found, some of their animals are dead, and they contact the outside world on their phones as there is no reception.

They decide to head into town that night to uncover what’s going on. They are shocked to discover the main street buildings are half standing, armed soldiers are patrolling the streets, and their family and most of the rural community of Wirrawee is being held captive at the showground.

Deciding that they have to do something to stop the enemy force that’s invaded their country the group decide to form a guerrilla army group and do what they can to obstruct the stronghold the soldiers have over the town.

There are plenty of action sequences showing how they do just that, with many a moment in the movie having you sitting on the edge of your seat. The young actors in the movie do a credible job playing the teens under threat and fighting back with some ingenious schemes

The movie is based on the book of the same title that was written by acclaimed Australian writer, John Marsden in 1993. It is one in a series of seven books in the Tomorrow series that are very well loved by young adult readers; the reading audience they were written for.

It has been a long time coming for the first book in the series – Tomorrow When The War Began – to be made into a movie. Fans of the book have been voting with their feet as they turn up in droves to watch the movie that was produced from one of their favorite books.

Stuart Beattie is the screen writer who weaved his magic of adapting the book to the big screen and if box office takings are anything to go by, movie goers are enjoying his movie adaption of the book.